Our floggers are different from many of the other sites. Every one is custom and the handles are hand turned on a lathe out of hand picked exotic woods. We never use any stain, only a little tongue oil to bring out the natural wood characteristics and seal the wood. I don’t know about you but, this is where one would assume these are going to be expensive! Nope, we price all of our floggers between $50 – $70. Our floggers come in several varieties; light, medium, thuddy, or stingy. Floggers are unique, and its not uncommon to use multiple floggers in a play session, starting with something very light and working your way up to something heavier! That is another reason we aim to to price our floggers at a entry level price while providing a excellent product that will hold up over the years.

Please contact us about our current inventory and we can match you with something that we have in stock or custom make yours!